Types of insurance:

  • liability insurance for transport or forwarding contracts where the carrier or sender is liable for carrying out or arranging the transport
  • property insurance for consignment transport (commodity insurance)    

The sender is liable for damage to the received consignment when the transport is carried out, unless he could not prevent it even with professional care. In this case, a forwarding contract between the sender and the originator is a necessary prerequisite.

Our recommendation for customers - insure your goods with commodity insurance, which covers all damages, including those caused by force majeure, i.e. no one is responsible for them. Commodity insurance is negotiated in the event of damage (e.g. damage, destruction, disappearance) to the transported consignment caused by a random event. The reason for claims in this case is the fact that the goods have been damaged. The insurance is valid for the entire duration of the transport, including reloading, intermediate storage, departure from the established path or delays that the insurance-holder cannot affect (written in accordance with Ekonom and Dopravní noviny).

Liability insurance for a road carrier or sender as a carrier - covers damage to the transported consignment from the moment of its takeover by the carrier until its delivery to the consignee (e.g. damage to or theft of the consignment), but only to the extent in which the carrier is liable for the damage according to Czech legislation or according to the CMR Convention in the case of international transport.

Both of these provisions include circumstances under which the carrier may be relieved of the liability. The carrier is relieved of liability if the loss of the consignment, damage to it or the delivery period was exceeded by the authorized person due to an order by the authorized person, due to a defect in the consignment, or due to circumstances that the carrier could not prevent and the consequences of which could not be eliminated. This includes, for example, traffic accidents caused by other road users, natural disasters, etc. In such case, the injured party will not be compensated by the liability insurance of the carrier or the sender.

According to the CMR Convention, the above claims are limited to 8.33 SDR per kg of gross weight (for current rates see MMF XDR in the exchange rates).