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INCOMTRANS CZ provide all the logistic services.
Our speciality is the combined transport (rail transport – truck transport).
We ensure the complete services out of house and into the house:

  • storage and manipulation
  • sorting and assembling shipments
  • packaging
  • labelling
  • documentation
  • combined transport (rail transport – truck transport)
  • truck transport - Just in Time
  • monitoring of shipments
  • consecutive services – insurance of goods, notification

Definition of the removal and logistic services:

"The removal and logistic services" are all the services related to the transport (practiced at one kind of transport or multimodally), the merging, the storage, the manipulation, the packaging or the distribution of goods as well as the auxiliary services and the counselling connected with it, including but not exclusively the customs and the tax subjects, the declaration of goods for the official uses, the ensuring of insurance of goods, the receiving or the ensuring of payments and documents relating to the goods. The removal services comprise also the logistic services with modern and communication technologies in relation to the transport, the manipulation or the storage of goods and as a matter of fact the total management of supplier branch. These services can be made-to-measure for purpose of flexible ensuring of provided services (the definition accepted by FIATA and CLECAT in the year 2004)

(source: SSL)